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Let Asset & Elder Law Solutions help you find the solutions that are best for your family when facing the challenge of how to plan for your family's future and protect your family's assets.
Provide certainty for your family by allowing Asset & Elder Law Solutions to help you to create your family's strategic plan for the future. Asset & Elder Law Solutions can show you how to use Powers of Attorney, Pour-Over Wills, Revocable Living Trusts and Medicaid Compliant Missouri Asset Protection Trusts to shelter your home, business and other assets from the unexpected, including medical bills and auto accidents. AELS can also help your family plan to avoid having to probate a will and apply and qualify for Medicaid.
Asset & Elder Law Solutions is located in the same office suite that Michael Stoffregen previously occupied. If you have been a client of his in the past, AELS would be happy to review your plan and answer any questions you might have!
Come visit with our attorney, J.L. Jones, Esq., for free, at AELS's office in Springfield, Missouri and let's talk a little bit about what Asset & Elder Law Solutions can do for your family. Give Asset & Elder Law Solutions a call at (417) 881-7711 to schedule an appointment.

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Disclaimer: This company is not and has not been owned by Michael Stoffregen.
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