Unique Services

Asset & Elder Law Solutions is unique for the Springfield and Southwest Missouri area in that Asset Protection and helping people qualify for Medicaid while maximizing the assets their loved ones are still able to enjoy is what AELS does, every day.

What Is Asset Protection? Not A Revocable Trust.

Asset Protection takes different forms that are as unique as your assets and the risks they face, but Asset Protection is always about making sure that you and your spouse are protected during your lives and that your finacial successes reward your family or causes that are important to you, once you don't need your assets any longer. Asset Protection can be as simple as forming a Delaware LLC to protect your family's assets when investing in real estate or starting a company or can be as involved as a 450 page portfolio.

How Does Asset & Elder Law Solutions Do It?

Asset Protection is the purposeful implementation of a strategic plan that reflects the major changes in law implemented over the last 10-15 years, custom made to fit you and your assets, in order to provide certainty for your family. Asset & Elder Law Solutions creates that plan by applying advanced knowlege, based on federal law, Missouri case law, Missouri regulations and statutes and everyday experience, to your portfolio and use a variety of tools, including Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Trusts and more advanced Medicaid Compliant Asset Protection Trusts, all of which are designed to work together as one plan to protect your family and assets.